PHOTOS: Twilight & Sunsets

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So I'm not particularly a good photographer but hey, guess what, I probably just don't care since if I see something I like, well, I tend to want to take pictures of it. But I guess anyone can relate to that. You don't really need to be a professional or have a great camera just to take photos and post it to share to anyone the things that you like and love, right? Okay, that was just my opinion.

Anyways, here's some of my fave sunset and twilight's that I took this year. 

This image was taken when I visited Brunei last April 2015. It was taken at the Empire Hotel & Country Club. What I particularly like about this photo was how beautiful it was looking at it from the spot I was standing at that time with the high ceiling window framing its beauty, it made me fall in love at twilight and sunsets from then on.

 This one was taken back in my hometown in Marawi City. It may not be the best one I've seen in my hometown but its one of my fave.
This one was from the top floor of my old apartment in Cebu City. Sorry, my phone's camera isn't that great so the quality of this photo is kinda foggy..

This one also from Brunei,

This is one of my fave also. It's a shot I took when I was in Lanao Norte, few hours away from my hometown. It was maybe the best sunset I've seen so far. I just couldn't forget how beautiful the transition of the colors that time until all that was left was darkness. Also, it was quite memorable day because it was one of my first time riding those boats too.

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