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12:35 AM

This is obviously late but Happy New Year everyone!

I know, that was totally late but I was busy over these previous weeks. Right after New Year's eve we went back home here in the Philippines the next day in which our supposed flight was delayed for 5 hours and after landing Manila, I have to take the next connecting flight to Leyte the next 12 hours because I missed my original scheduled flight due to the delay, so I basically lived in the airport in that duration of time since it's too much a hassle to leave the airport (believe me, the traffic in Manila is something I never liked, ever!) and stay in hotel, good thing they have a new transit stay place in the airport which was nice because my Mom, bro & sis was able to catch up with our sleep. Nonetheless, I was able to get back here in Tacloban City the next day safely, spending the whole day catching up with sleep until all of my housemates have arrived at that same day coming from their respective hometowns. To tell that we had a "vacation hangover" over the next weeks was an understatement because even though we were blasted with reports, case studies, clinic duties, and exams upon arriving, I think the last weeks had been a breeze (maybe because I wasn't paying that much attention).

Alhamdulillah, this days we're now (kinda) back with our med school routine.

But enough with my boring med school life stories, I'm sure you wouldn't want me discussing you what my last patient had been or how my brain cells stressing over our internal med case study is, so let's talk about what happen over the holidays.

So how was everyone's holidays over last year as well as this New Years?

I may had mentioned this before but I spent mine overseas. Sounds grand right but let me tell you this, I was only a chaperon slush nurse during the trip for my Mom and sister but I keep on forgetting that part of our trip because I was busy having fun (who wouldn't??!). It was not with my whole family, only with my Mom, older sis, & bro but it was a memorable one since it's the first new years eve that I've spent outside the country.

I won't post here my adventures, I'll make another post for that so look forward to it. I'll also be sharing some videos and photos with my trip.

Again, Happy 2016! May this year be a new start to everyone of us. New adventures, memories, laughter's, challenges, and life.

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