#OOTDs: Malaysia & Singapore Trip 2015

7:23 AM

I don't even know why I'm making this post but that's probably my vanity speaking (or writing in this case) so just bear with me on this. 

I wanna thank my brother for taking all of my pictures, even though I'm also doing the same in his case, hahaha... 

As promised, I'll show you the dresses that I made before the holiday started and the others are just something that I pulled out of my closet, it's not like I'm featuring my outfit, I just like the pictures and my backgrounds but then again, I'm just being vain in here. Hahahaha...

So obviously, I didn't make this one. It's just a plain acid wash jeans and plain white shirt with a dark boyfriend shirt. I just shared this one because I liked the wall behind me. Hihihi...

As you can see, I love making jump shots. I still have others but this two were my favorites. 

Now this is one my favorite shot, standing in front gate of Malaysian's Sultan's Palace. 

I actually made the dress but I think I made the wrong selection of pairing it with the white cardigan but aside from that it's actually a very comfy dress. It's not that great but I like it nonetheless. But seriously, I think I really made the wrong decision matching it up with that white cardigan. (Ignore my self-complaints)

Now among of all the dresses I made by far, this one is my most fave. I'm not really a fan of pink dresses but I just love how this one ended up. It's flows like a breeze and it's very comfortable. I totally enjoyed posing with this dress.

Featuring my hoojabs by Ombs. Most of my hijabs in my trip were from my friend's shop and this photos above is featuring one of my faves among the hoojabs I've bought from her. (I'm sooo advertising her here, hihihi)

Both photos above was from my last day in Singapore, at Changi International Airport. Here I'm sporting the same white cardigan I used in my previous pic but this one goes well with the tunic shirt-dress that I made. 

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  1. adding your blog to my links page. ^_^ carry on blogging!

    1. That's so sweet of you. Thanks Kai!

      I'm actually a revert here in blogger. My previous blog is quite different from this one because it mainly focus on music but I decided to finally make this last year because I plan on making it a personal one.



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