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It's been four days already since our bimonthly exam ended, I feel bad since I know I didn't do well in my exams because my brain already left me to have an advance vacation, I'm quite sure I'll be catching up a lot and make up for low scores, such a life of a med student, sigh. In shaa Allah (In God's Grace), I'll be able to overcome this. Ameen...

So enough with ramblings, whose excited for the holidays? Oh, I know  the Christians will be celebrating their Christmas, most of my Christian friends are already excited and many already went to their hometowns for the holidays. I'm excited too but not because I'll be celebrating Christmas but rather because I'll be spending my holidays out of the country! Can you guess where? Nah, I'll just tell you. I'll be visiting again Malaysia & Singapore! Wohooo! Oh, how I love those two countries, it's actually the first overseas countries I've been too and the last time I was there was back in 2012. Though Singapore is a luxurious place to explore to, I like Malaysia best since it's a country with a good balance of greenery and modern civilization but I maybe biased about this, hihihi...

This past few days, I was totally busy drowning myself with novels & wattpad stories & thinking of what I'll wear over my vacation. Okay, the last one sounded so vain but actually what I mean to say is sewing the outfits that I'll wear. Yep, you read that right, but not the whole wardrobe, maybe 2 or 3 of them. Actually, I had a habit of sewing the outfits I wear in some occasions. I started doing it just this year. It started with me making some of my hijabs (head scarf) since my Mom nagged me with just making one instead of buying it online since I'm such an impulsive buyer sometimes and I tend to shop a LOT of it online, so she practical encourage me to buy myself a sewing machine, long story short, after I got the hang of using it, I shifted from making hijabs to making dress and the likes. I'm grateful that my Mom encourage me since right now, it totally save me a lot of money because instead of buying clothes, I make my own and it's really cheaper this way.

So far, I already made a maxi dress and tunic dress and I'll still be making one maxi dress but I'll do it maybe tomorrow or some other day. Don't worry, I'll be sharing you photos of it once I wore it but just a warning, don't expect that it's that great, I'm still new to this whole sewing hobby I have but nonetheless, I like the outcomes of my last two finish products. If you're wondering where do I get my designs or patterns, you can try looking at Pinterest, they have a lot of D.I.Y. sewing tutorials there so feel free to browse over there.

As of the moment, I'm taking a break with sewing and I'll probably be reading a novel or another wattpad story but I'll surely continue the last dress tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to finally decide what design should I go with it. Ciao!

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