New Beginnings of a Revert Blogger

4:41 AM

Hey everyone! So I'm back in business (more like blogging, hihihi) again. It's been a while to all my old readers on my other blog, if your reading this post, I'm happy that my little ramblings can still pique your interest. To my new readers, thank you for finding time to visit this blog.
So basically, I'm a revert in the world of blogging but a lot of things had change in my life and in this world that it took me quite sometime to start this again. To all that doesn't know why I stopped blogging, it's basically because I'm in Med School right now and on my second semester of third year. It's been three years already and I really miss doing this maybe because writing has been my outlet, never mind the grammar and all, since I'm never good at expressing myself out loud that's why I really miss doing this. If you may have known already but Med School can be so so so stressful and I'm not exaggerating that because it's really is for me but I'm holding myself on it for now. I both miss doing this but at the same time want this to be my outlet again. I can't promise to regularly post but expect that you'll be reading a lot from me.

Q: Will this blog be the same with your previous blog?
The answer to that will be no. I intend to make this blog a bit more personal but I may still post music and the likes just like in my old blog so I hope that made my old readers happy, yepeey! This blog will be more personal to me, it will be more about the things I like, my usual ramblings, and maybe more.
I'm still in the process of customizing this blog, meaning I'm still making everything about it from the html & css code to the designs but since it's been a while for me, I will still have to study everything all over again, that is if I ever find time in my busy schedule, hopefully. So I hope you don't mind the blandness of this blog, hihihi...
So that's all for now, hopefully I will be posting a lot more. Thanks for reading!
P.S. To commemorate my return, here

's a song for you. It's Kiminomodatta by WACCI, it's from a very good anime I've watched early this year. Just click the title below to redirect you to Spotify to listen. Hope you like it!

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