Inside Thoughts Of Being The New Kid

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This year, a lot of things had happened to me, it was truly a roller coaster ride, especially in my studies since it's the my third year of my Med School. I've traveled to another country earlier this year, my baby bro graduated from College, one my elder sister gave to birth to my seventh niece, my family traveled overseas a lot (without me), my old university had a problem which made some of us transfer to a new school, new place, and new life, the total highlight of my 2015.

In my whole twenty-five years of living, I've never been a transferee student before until this year. It wasn't just me, I had some of my close friends in Med School with me and some other schoolmates, there where 28 of who originally transferred here in Leyte but only 27 of us remained. Maybe you're wondering why I have to transfer to some other place or why I didn't just transfer to another Med School in Manila, well it's because Med School here in the Philippines have two types of curriculum, the Traditional type, where you have lectures and all, and the Problem-Based-Learning type (PBL) in which you mostly a study on your own kind in which most Med School here in the Philippines is based upon. But the curriculum that I started was a Traditional type which there is only few in the country so I have to look for schools that offers the same curriculum that I have or else I'll have to start Med School from first year, hence, our transfer here in Leyte. I had a option of going to Manila but then, you see, I never liked living in Manila, the longest that I can tolerate living there is only a month, I wouldn't enumerate why I don't like living there but one other reason also was the tuition fee there, it's twice, almost thrice the price I'm paying now and I don't want to burden my parents of that. Med School can be so financially draining, believe me.

It was really a lot of struggle for us, especially for me since I'm the only Muslim in the group and being in a new place where you don't know anyone nor know the local dialect of the place, it was tough. I think what suffered the most for me is my studies, along the way, I kinda lost my inspiration & motivations, even though I get to survive each day of it, I know that I'm having the hard time keeping it up but I wouldn't want to talk the depressing parts of my life here for now, maybe some other time. Even though it's already seven months that had past, I wasn't able to fully adjust to this place, it made me miss Cebu very much. It's not that I don't like it here, Leyte is a very beautiful place, there's still many place that I've never been to here, a lot of things to discover, many shops and restos to visit and eat but you still can't compare it to Cebu, which basically became my third home.

One good thing that maybe I truly appreciate for being here is how the remaining 27 of us is so close now. We came here as divided groups, didn't know much about each other but we grew to acknowledge one another. It gave me a lot of memories and being with them was a total fun. 

I still don't where I'm going to stand with my personal dilemma in studies, I'm still on the process of finding my lost inspiration & motivations but I'm hoping and wishing that I'll make it Med School with this people. I wouldn't want someone from us will be left behind this journey. In shaa Allah, I know, we will make it through.

My 25th birthday that was full of surprises.

One of our visit at Leyte's landmark.

The day when we finished our Surgical Demo with one of our Doctors.

Cause we tend to eat, A LOT!

Another eating session celebrating Ate Deb's & Daven's birthday.

One of those random moments in the classroom.

Cause we do unwind sometimes in the sea.

Our first OB-GYNE exposure with some of my groupmates.

Messing with the girls! Hahaha...

Of course a jump shot is must!

Our December Thanksgiving with the Special Kids.

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